lash styling

lash extensions

Lash extensions involve attaching one or several synthetic lashes to one natural lash.

Depending on the method used, you can achieve a natural or spectacular effect of thickening, lengthening, and volumizing the lashes.

With eyelash extensions, you can forget about daily mascara application or applying strip lashes.

The lashes can last for several weeks, depending on the condition of the natural lashes and subsequent care.

At Phoenix Beauty salon, the following methods are performed:

One by one (1 synthetic lash per 1 natural lash)
2D/3D (2 or 3 lashes per 1 natural lash)
Volume Russian (4 to 6 lashes per 1 natural lash)
Mega Volume (7 to 10 lashes per 1 natural lash)

lash styling

Lash lifting

Lash lifting is a treatment dedicated to natural lashes.

The procedure makes the lashes more curled, lifted, thickened and darkened. This gives the gaze more definition.

The treatment is perfect for lashes that grow straight, are directed downwards or if you want to emphasize your look but do not want or cannot undergo eyelash extension treatment.

Thanks to this treatment, you no longer need to damage your lashes with a curler.

You can also skip applying mascara or use mascara to achieve an even more pronounced effect.

The effect lasts for several weeks, depending on the speed of lash growth.

brow styling

powder henna

Powder henna is a natural plant-derived product used, among other things, for tinting eyebrows.
Henna is intended to give the selected shade and visually thicken the eyebrows.

During the procedure, the geometry is done to symmetrically color and style the eyebrows. Then henna is applied, followed by eyebrow shaping and the application of a brow care product.

The effect lasts up to 1 week on the skin and up to 5 weeks on the hairs.

brow styling

brow lamination

Brow lamination is an innovative treatment that allows for the shaping and changing the direction of unruly eyebrow hairs.

The treatment involves a permanent change in the shape and direction of eyebrow growth.

Thanks to this procedure, you can achieve the very fashionable “fluffy brow” effect popular today.

During the treatment, the eyebrows are given the appropriate direction, tinted and shaped.

The effect of the treatment lasts for several weeks. The use of appropriate home care products helps extend the desired effect and regenerates the eyebrows, stimulating the follicles to grow strong and healthy hairs.

face treatment


Micro-needling mesotherapy involves stimulating and regenerating the skin through mechanical stimulation using a micro-needling device.

By creating micro-punctures in the skin, the permeability of the epidermis is increased, allowing concentrated nourishing ingredients tailored to the skin’s needs to penetrate deep into it.

The skin is stimulated for self-regeneration, prompting it to produce collagen on its own.

The treatment has anti-aging effects, prevents the formation of new wrinkles, moisturizes, evens out skin tone, reduces discoloration, limits sebum production, tightens pores, and improves skin firmness.

It is highly effective in reducing acne scars, post-operative scars, burns, stretch marks, and cellulite.

In the case of scalp therapy, it prevents hair loss.

Its benefits include:

  • Anti-aging effects and prevention of skin aging
  • Improved skin moisture and firmness
  • Lifting effect, improving facial contour
  • Reduction of acne scars, burns, and surgical scars; reduction of stretch marks
  • Reduction of enlarged pores, pigmentation spots, and cellulite
  • In the case of scalp care, prevention of hair loss in cases of baldness.

face treatment


During the procedure, a stream of hydrogen-saturated water is utilized. Under high pressure, water is pushed deep into the skin and then expelled, cleansing the skin of dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads, skin impurities, and also reducing the secretion of free radicals.

Additionally, there is a reduction in skin inflammation and enhancement of the skin’s defense mechanisms.

The hydrogen used during the therapy effectively neutralizes the action of free radicals, making it an excellent anti-aging therapy. Improved hydration and elasticity of the facial skin are also among the effects of the treatment.

This is a procedure that can be successfully used throughout the year.


face treatment

chemical peeling

Chemical peels are procedures that cause exfoliation or dissolution and partial removal of the stratum corneum.

Excess sebum is removed, hair follicles and pores open, allowing the skin to better absorb active substances applied and massaged into the skin during subsequent treatments.

Additionally, chemical peels increase blood flow in capillaries, stimulating the skin to produce new cells and regenerate more quickly. The substances contained in chemical peels penetrate deep into the skin and contribute to the remodeling of collagen and elastin.

A series of chemical peel treatments promote skin renewal, thus having rejuvenating and regenerating effects. They eliminate signs of skin aging, various types of discoloration, fine lines and other imperfections.

face treatment


GEN FACTOR ph acid

The Gen Factor pH acids are used to adjust the pH and thereby initiate a series of biochemical reactions in our skin.
They serve to repair various dysfunctions and disorders in its functioning, leading to numerous imperfections such as acne, discoloration, loss of firmness, wrinkles, or enlarged blood vessels. These preparations affect every part of the skin matrix, which consists of separate layers but constitutes a fully communicative and inseparable whole. This allows us to create a comprehensive treatment tailored to the needs of each skin type. The preparations do not cause exfoliation of the epidermis, which allows us to perform the treatments throughout the year.


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